Official Rules

The objective of the WCC competition is to accumulate the most points possible during the annual race series. The WCC scoring system is designed to reward both race participation and racing speed.

Points are earned for:

  1. Participation in a WCC race (run, walk, volunteer, or direct)
  2. Age Group standing
  3. Placing in the Top Three Overall
  4. Participate in all races in the series

Competition is divided into Male and Female categories.

Eligibility for Awards:

A runner must have participated in at least five series races to be eligible for a Challenge series award.

Most Total Points Awards:

The male and female accumulating the most points over the course of the season will receive the WCC Champion awards.

Second and Third Overall (Male & Female) will also be recognized and awarded.

Age Group Awards:

The runners (Male & Female) accumulating the most points in their respective age groups according to these rules will receive Age Group Awards.

Note: The Most Total Points Award winners do not receive Age Group Awards.

The Age Group Award winner will be the first person in that age group who did not receive a Most Total Points Award.

WCC Age Groups:

Age is defined as the runner’s age on 12/31 of the year of the series.  That age will be used for the entire season to calculate WCC points earned.  

Most Improved Runner Award:

The runner who is determined to have made the most improvement in racing speed over the course of the season will receive the Most Improved Runner Award.  The WCC Results & Tabulation Committee will determine the recipient of this award based on race times.  Times recorded early in the season are compared to times recorded in later races.  Because direct comparisons are not always possible, some subjectivity in the decision making process is necessary.  The decision of the committee is final.

Participation in Every Race Award:

Each runner who participates in every race of the WCC annual series will be recognized for their achievement with the presentation of a personalized certificate and a specially designed t-shirt during the End-of-Season Celebration awards presentation. 

How Points are Earned:

A.) Participation Points

Eighty (80) finisher participation points are earned for finishing a WCC race.

          Other ways to earn participation points:

  • Seventy-five (75) director participation points may also be earned one (1) time by directing or co-directing a race.  A limit of 2 directors may earn participation points for a single race.
  • Seventy-five (75) volunteer participation points may be earned one (1) time by volunteering to assist before, during, or after a race.   Volunteer activities are not restricted to the day of the race. A runner may volunteer to work more than one race, but will only receive the 75 points one time. A runner may not get volunteer points and participation points for the same race.
  • Seventy-five (75) bonus participation points will be given at the end of the year to any runner who participates in all of the scheduled WCC races.  (Participation in all races is defined as any combination of directing 1 race, volunteering to work 1 race, finishing each race.)

B.)  Age Group Points

In addition to the participation points, the top ten (10) male and female finishers in each age group will receive points as indicated below:

1st = 75 points

2nd = 55 points

3rd = 40 points

4th = 30 points

5th = 22 points

6th = 18 points

7th = 15 points

8th = 11 points

9th = 8 points

10th = 3 points

* Note:  Age group points for each race are calculated for WCC age groups regardless of the age group categories used for awards purposes in each individual race.

**Note: Top Three Overall finishers are excluded from receiving Age Group points.

C.)   Top Three Overall Points

In addition to participation points, the first 3 overall male and female finishers will receive points as indicated below:

1st = 200 points

2nd = 180 points

3rd = 160 points

**Note: Top Three Overall finishers are excluded from receiving Age Group points.

Scoring Tie Breakers:

In the event of a tie score, the award will go to the runner with the fastest WCC 5K time in the series.

Important Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) Rules:

The WCC encourages high school athletes to compete in our race series.  However, the WCC would never want to jeopardize a high school athlete’s eligibility to compete for their school’s teams.  The WCC is providing this link to the IHSAA Bylaws to encourage high school athletes, their parents and their coaches to educate themselves about the IHSAA rules regarding participation in WCC races.  The IHSAA requests any questions about IHSAA rules be directed to the principal or athletic administrator of your local school.

Of special interest:

         Rule 5 (Amateurism, beginning on page 22 of the IHSAA Bylaws)

          Rule 6 (Awards, Prizes, Gifts, beginning on page 25)

          Rule 7 (Coaches, beginning on page 27)

          Rule 9 (Contests, beginning on page 31)

          Rule 15 (Participation, beginning on page 44)

          Rule 17 (Investigations, . . . etc . . . Penalties, . . beginning on page 56)

          Rule 50 (Boys Sports Seasons, beginning on page 82)

          Rule 53 (Boys Cross Country, on page 88)

          Rule 59 (Boys Track & Field, beginning on page 92)

          Rule 101 (Girls Sports Seasons, beginning on page 98)

          Rule 103 (Girls Cross Country, on page 102)

          Rule 110 (Girls Track & Field, beginning on page 107)

Note: High school runners from outside the state of Indiana should follow the rules governing their eligibility in their state.