What does it cost to get into the WCC and how do I sign up?

It’s free! Just pay the entry fee for any WCC race, cross the finish line, and you’re automatically entered in the Challenge.

The more races you run, the more points you earn.

Where do I find my race times?

Check the Results page.

It may take up to 72 hours after the event for final results to be posted.

My posted results are wrong! How do I get this fixed?

Within 3 days of the result posting, contact the director of the race by e-mail or phone.

I didn’t pick up my award. How can I get it now?

Contact the director of the race by e-mail or phone to arrange to pick up your award.

If you got an end of season award, contact the WCC chairman to arrange to pick up your award.

Awards must be claimed within 60 days of the event; unclaimed awards will be forfeit to the WCC or the race organizers.

How do I return a timing chip?

Timing chips should be turned in at the finish line.

If you have a chip at home mail it to the WCC within 10 days of the race.

Use a padded envelope to mail the chip to:
Chip Return
Wayne County Challenge
PO Box 2232
Richmond, IN 47375

Please include your name and the race the chip came from.

The charity that benefits from the race will be charged a $10 replacement fee if your timing chip is not returned.

How does the scoring work?

There are a number of ways to accumulate points:

  • Participate in a WCC race,
  • place ahead of people in your gender/age group,
  • place in the top three overall of your gender, or
  • work as a volunteer for a WCC race
  • act as the director of one of the races in the WCC series.

**Volunteer/director points are not awarded if the you participate in the race.**

(See Scoring System)

What if I get injured? Is there some way I can get points without running?

The WCC has made allowance for the possibility of injury during the season. You may still earn participation points by volunteering to help out at a race. Contact the race director before the scheduled start time of a race, preferably at least the day before. (The earlier you contact the director, the better.) If the director agrees to allow you to help out, you will earn 75 points for working the race. This option for receiving points is available for only one race per season.

How do I resolve a question/dispute about my WCC points? Who do I contact?

You should start by contacting the director of the race in which your dispute originates. Race directors can be contacted by e-mail or by phone. E-mail addresses and phone numbers for race directors may be found on the Directors page.

What is my age group?

Age for all races and the series will be determined by your age on the December 31st of the series year. There are 17 age groups.

2014 Series/Races
Birth date = 07/29/79
Age on 12/31/14 = 35
2014 age group = 35 to 39

What if no one else is in my age group?

You win! Ask some friends and family to join you so there’s a little competition next time.

I’m in the top three overall, do I still get age group points?

No. Take a look at the rules on our Scoring System page.

How can I keep track of the scores? Where is the latest update to the WCC series standings?

WCC results will be posted on our Results page(s) as soon as possible after the calculations are completed. (This usually takes 3 to 5 days after the completion of a race.) Participants have three days from the date of score posting to contact us with any questions or concerns they have about their score.

What are the series awards? What do you win?

The awards for the winners of the WCC depend on the sponsorships the WCC Committee can obtain. In the past, overall winners have received trophies along with gift certificates or monetary awards. Age group winners have received plaques or trophies. Runners who participate in every race have received certificates and specially designed t-shirts.

How are series awards presented after the season?

Typically, the awards are presented at the End-of-Season Celebration, an event hosted (usually in January) by the WCC Committee. Runners who participate in at least 5 races are invited to the celebration. (See past Wayne County Challenge End-of-Season Celebration awards presentations on our results page.)

What are the eligibility rules for high school athletes’ participation in WCC races?

This can be a complicated issue. The rules for each state are different. In Indiana, high school athletics are governed by the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).

For an overview of IHSAA rules as they apply to participation in WCC races, see the final section of the Official Rules of the WCC. A link to the IHSAA bylaws is available there.

The IHSAA requests any questions about IHSAA rules be directed to the principal or athletic administrator of your local school.

Athletes who attend schools in a different state should follow the rules of their state.

What are the virtual race policies?

  • Each participant must register and pay by the indicated registration deadline.
  • Each participant must have submitted a time by the established race deadline via the Google Form on the WCC website.
  • Only individuals who have submitted a time by the established race deadline will receive participation points.
  • No overall or age-group points or awards will be given.
  • The timer(s) will enter each participant into the timing/scoring system.
  • The distribution of shirts or other swag will be determined by the individual races.