Wayne County Challenge

2013 December/ 2014 January

Featured Runner

Name: Sabrena Bartram            
Age: 51
Occupation: Abstract Company

When and why did you start running?
I have to give credit to Dave Snow and Rick Duncan with G101.3. They were advertising the Fireworks 5K about four years ago and wanted everyone to come out and run or walk to support the fireworks. So I entered as a walker and had so much fun I decided I was going to come back next time and run it. **editor's note: Sabrena won her age group this year!**

Why do you run now?
I really run for many reasons. Probably the most important reason to me is trying to be healthy and to stay fit.

What is your biggest running/fitness accomplishment so far?

I finished four 1/2 marathons this year and ran all of the Wayne County Challenge races for the first time.

What is your next running/fitness goal?
I would like to run a marathon in the spring of 2014. Also I would like to run a 5K in 24 minutes or less.

Describe your typical running week. 
Two to three times a week I run 4 minles and then long (10-12 miles) on Saturdays with the group.

What other activities do you use to supplement your running?
Nothing at this time; however, I will start swim classes for some cross training and might try some yoga for strength.

What is your favorite running-related snack/product/gadget?
I cannot live without the Ipod and Garmin watch.  

What are your pre-race rituals?
Eat half a banana, chuck some chocolate milk and do lots of stretching!

How do you get through a tough run?
A tough run to me is runnign in hot and humid weather. Gatoade and a gel shot is what will get me through it!

What is your favorite thing about running?
A run can be whatever you want it to be... long, short, fast or slow. It doesn't matter as long as I am running and that is one of the things I love about running.

How do you motivate yourself on days you don't want to run?

I don't really have a good answer for that. I have alot of conversations within my head whether I should get up and run or wait until eveing. Somehow, I work it out.

Who is your running hero and why?
I just heard about a lady named Joy Johnson recently, who ran her 25th consecutive marathong in New York City a few weeks ago. She was 86 years old. WoW. She fell on the 20th mile but she got up and finished the marathon. Unfortunately, she passed away the following day. I have to say she is a hero and an inspiration.

What is your biggest running-related pet peeve?
The nutritional part of running. I get really mad that I have to make myself eat something so I have the energy to run long. I don't really think I have found the perfect combination yet. That's a work in progress!

Are you a morning or evening runner?
Typically mornings but I will run in the evenings too.

Are you a solo or group runner?
i am fine with running solo or with a group.

What is your favorite type of run?
Long runs in the country. 

Fill in the blank: 
I love running because: it gives me absolute freedom on how I want to run each time I run.
When I run I think about: everything -- I can't really narrow it own to any one thing.
The hardest part of running is: balancing the nutritional part of it.
The best running advice I ever received was: replace your running shoes every 450-500 mailes and wear reflective gear when running in the dark.