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The WCC was founded on a simple concept: hold 5K, 7K, and 10K events throughout the year that will support local not-for-profits while encouraging community fitness by rewarding participation and hard work. We do this by giving awards, shirts, goodie bags, and having an end of season celebration.

In the last few years, The WCC has seen exponential growth. So much, in fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer these amenities to all of our participants.

You might ask: “Why not just have each race charge more, or have the non-profits pay more to The WCC to offer these amenities?”

The WCC has always strived to be an economical option to individuals and families. Compared to many other local events, The WCC is still, by far, the least expensive and we would like to remain a great economic option for everyone who wants to participate. Also, to ask each race to contribute more to The WCC is somewhat counterproductive to fulfilling our mission. Each year, The WCC raises thousands of dollars for great local organizations from Girls Inc. to Hagerstown High School and even Cope Environmental Center. Although we love to reward participants with great amenities, it is not our goal to take money away from these great causes.

Your sponsorship will help with the purchase of new equipment, maintenance of current equipment, funding of the end of season celebration, awards and shirt purchases, and the overall improvement, growth and success of The WCC.

You really will be making a huge difference. We have 2 great ways for you to be a part of this exciting time. Find out more from our sponsorship flyer.

The WCC also greatly appreciates the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office's support of our free entry program. Through their financial support, elementary and junior high school aged youngsters can try running in a WCC race for the first time for free. Thank you, Wayne County Prosecutor's office!

The WCC greatly appreciates the support of the Wayne County Foundation, which enables our growth and development as we work to assist the non-profit organizations who conduct our races. Thank you, Wayne County Foundation!

The Wayne County Challenge is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to promote community and national health through amateur distance running. Contributions to the Wayne County Challenge are tax deductable.

Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all our supporters, large and small.