Wayne County Challenge


About the Wayne County Challenge

The Wayne County Challenge (WCC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote community and national health through amateur distance running. As a part of this mission, the WCC organizes an annual series of distance running races held within Wayne County, Indiana, in which points are earned for participation and competitive achievement. The unique scoring system of the WCC series and the awards presented at the end of each season are designed to encourage and reward the participation of all types and ages of runners. The “challenge” of the WCC can range from completing a 5K race for the first time to winning every race of the series.

Each season, several races make up the Schedule for the Wayne County Challenge series.

Each race in the WCC series is independently directed, with its own fundraising methods and objectives. Proceeds generated by these races are used by charitable organizations to benefit Wayne County residents in numerous ways. One of the objectives of the WCC Committee is to help increase participation in all of the WCC races and thereby help to maximize fundraising for each of the organizations who direct these races.

There is no additional fee to be entered in the WCC race series. Entry in the WCC series is automatic when a runner officially enters and completes a WCC race. Points are accumulated according to the rules described in the WCC Scoring.

After each season, the WCC Committee hosts the WCC End-of-Season Celebration, an awards presentation to honor successful runners. Awards for the Top-Three-Overall Male and Female runners are presented as well as awards for Age-Group winners, the season’s Most Improved Runner, and those who participate in every race. Since the initial series in 2003, the WCC has seen over 25,000 race entries and has presented over 1500 awards.

Participants in the WCC have ranged in age from 4 years old to 85 years young. Many families enjoy participating and competing in the WCC series each year.

The WCC encourages the residents of East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio communities to run for health, fitness, fun and competition. In addition to the personal benefits of running, each of the races support worthy charitable causes that benefit others in our community. The WCC invites everyone to participate in this exciting, fun and challenging race series. Take the challenge! Make participating in the Wayne County Challenge a part of your 2020 running plans.

Wayne County Challenge Bylaws

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