Wayne County Challenge

IU-East Run with the Wolves 5K

July 21, 2018 - Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Due to the cancellation of the IU East Run With the Wolves 5K we will be having a modified program for completion of all WCC events. Anyone who participates in all seven races will be part of the Super 7. Eligibility can be earned by completing all seven races or finishing six and volunteering at the remaining event. Participation in at least five events will qualify you for invitation to the end of season celebration where the Super 7 awards will be presented. Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience as we work through this situation!

IUE race website

Race Director
Brian Schleeper - (513)236-0611 or RunWithTheWolves5k@wcchallenge.org

IU-East Scholarships for IU East Alumni Association and IU East Athletics

Registration - Day of in Springwood Hall, IU-East campus Richmond, Indiana

Runner’s comments on the course: IU-East's cross country course. Run the course used by the college's cross country team. All grass and dirt.

2017 season results & photos